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The most important reason for our existence and growth is the trust bond we established with our employees and business partners.

Customer Satisfaction

Our principle is to feel the same degree of responsibility with our customers and to work with an understanding of keeping the customer satisfaction at the maximum level with a consistent, accurate, stable and continuous feedback.

Aesthetic Design

Creating permanent superiorities in the fields of brand technology design IT network is one of our priorities.


To continuously improve the activities related to the Quality Management System, to meet the need and expectations of our customers in a timely and complete manner in accordance with the legal and regulatory requirements. In accordance with this purpose, to adopt the satisfaction of our customers and employees as a principle, To comply with the legal and regulatory requirements and the conditions of the institutions and organizations we are a member of.



We take on the role of the leading company of the sector with our professional product range. Our quality product list offers you a more reliable, fast and professional workplace.

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Spare Parts – Technical Support

We provide spare parts and technical support to provide a healthier service to our customers with our professional team.

Spare Parts

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  • In case of need, we provide spare parts, which we always keep in stock, to our customers with the fastest way so as not to hinder the production on customer demands after the sale of product.

Technical Support

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  • After installation, maintenance and repair are carried out by us after sale of Ermakinesanayi, we provide all kinds of maintenance, repair and service arising from the production free of charge during the guarantee period within the scope of technical support in order to meet the satisfaction of our customers.

Project - Engineering

We provide project and engineering support in order to provide a healthier service to our customers with our professional team.


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  • After the sales contract is drawn up, we make planning and project of the most efficient working areas suitable for the production facilities of the machines and equipment.


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  • We provide the best service to you, our dear customers by closely following the developing global technology with our engineers.



Our machine produces concrete pipe with diameter from 150 mm to 800 mm.

It makes production with triple mold with a diameter up to 150mm-200mm. 

It produces with two molds with a diameter of 300 mm.

Concrete pipes with a diameter of 400, 500, 600, 800 are produced by one mold.

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